Tosha Mitchell
PDVD 013
First appearance "Hot Shots" (episode 2.03)
Last appearance "Dead Soldiers" (episode 3.03)
Reason/Cause Killed by Dante
Occupation. Stick up artist
Aliases Tosh
Gender Female
Age 20s (deceased)
Date of Death October 3rd 2004
Affiliations Omar Little & associates
Spouse Kimmy (Girlfriend)
Children None
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Sister
Kill Count None
Episode Count 4 episodes
Portrayed by Edwina Findley

Tosha Mitchell was a African-American women on HBO drama The Wire, portrayed by Edwina Findley.

Character storylineEdit

Season 2Edit

Tosha was partnered with Kimmy as both her lover and associate in robbing drug dealers. When Omar Little returned to Baltimore they both joined his crew.

Season 3Edit

Tosha was accidentally killed by Omar's boyfriend Dante in a heist gone wrong.

Omar Little & associates

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