Michael Santangelo
5440326 std
First appearance "The Target" (episode 1.01)
Last appearance "-30-" (episode 5.10)
Reason/Cause End of season
Occupation Former homicide detective/Western district police
Aliases Santy
Gender Male
Age 50s
Spouse Unseen wife
Children Yes
Kill Count None
Episode Count 24 episodes
Portrayed by Michael Sancoli

Michael Santangelo is a Western District Police Officer portrayed by Michael Salconi.


Mike "Sanny" Santangelo is an Italian American officer responsible for driving the district arrest van in the Baltimore Police Department's Western District.

Character storylineEdit

Season OneEdit

In season one, Santangelo is an eight-year veteran in the Homicide Unit. Santangelo was sent with Jimmy McNulty into the Barksdale detail by William Rawls to spy on McNulty. Rawls sent him to the detail because Santangelo was one of the unit's more inept homicide detectives, with a clearance rate of less than 40%, whose excuse for his performance is a lack of easy cases. He tries to resist, saying that it isn't his job to inform on a fellow cop, so Rawls orders him either to solve one of his open cases, all of which are difficult cases, inform on McNulty or leave the Homicide Unit altogether. Sergeant Landsman recommends a psychic, "Madame LaRue", and Santangelo, in desperation, follows her instructions to bury a doll in the murder victim's grave. That evening, McNulty solves another of the open cases, and Santangelo, though pleased, doesn't understand why a different case was solved. Landsman tells him that the psychic was meant as a joke and that Bunk and McNulty did his work for him. With the clearance, Santangelo is able to refuse Rawls' demands and is grateful enough to tell McNulty that Rawls wants him fired.

Seasons Two & ThreeEdit

Santangelo is demoted to patrol officer at the end of season one for failing to give Rawls any more information. In season two, he is seen briefly as a beat officer, arresting Bubbles and Johnny when they try to steal medical supplies from an ambulance. In season three, he drives the Western district prisoner transport vehicle under the command of Major Colvin. When he encounters former Barksdale detail members McNulty and Kima Greggs, Santangelo mentions that he is happy at being a patrolman as his job is easier: he is no longer a detective, he no longer deals with difficult commanders like Rawls and still takes home the same pay and pension contributions.

Season FourEdit

He remains a patrolman in the Western District in season four, when McNulty transfers in alongside him. During a counter-terrorism seminar, he was the first officer to point out the uselessness of Western District officers learning anti-terrorism tactics in a crime ridden district. Santangelo is also one of several officers present for the arrest of Omar Little on a murder warrant.

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